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As Covid-19 is devastating children and families around the world we need your help. Many of these families are already living in severe poverty. Will you please consider making an emergency gift today to help one or more families?

The coronavirus is devastating for children and families around the world.  Many live hand to mouth and are already in severe poverty.  

For the poor, hunger has become a worse enemy than Covid-19.  We need your help!

  • The immediate cry is for food.  Families are getting as little as one meal per day and the risk of starvation is their reality.  Imagine living in fear of not being able to feed your children.  Would you consider helping to provide a lifesaving food parcel to those in need?
  • The second most criticial need is to provide water stations for hand washing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • The third need is to help familites spiritual and mental wellbeing by helping them stay connected to others.  Communication support is needed in the way of Wi-Fi connectors.  


WILL YOU HELP?  Transform lives & change communities, together!

Thankyou for caring!  Will you help with a gift today?

Your gift of $50 will help provide a food parcel, wash station or Wi-Fi connector for a family.

Your gift of $150 will not only provide food but also a wash station in a local village for washing hands and provide means to improve communication enabling loved ones to stay in touch.


Keep up to date regards to the Coronavirus situation and prayer requests from each country -https://www.innz.org.nz/news/covid19

Donate Today