Seeds of Hope

You can help families grow food and gain self-sufficiency Today!

The first seeds of International Needs were sown by Ray Harrison in 1974.  Now 47 years on,  you can help give families the tools to put food on their own tables.

It’s near impossible to climb out of poverty alone, but when a community comes together, their many hands help to lift each other up. Through Livelihood programs, we aim to raise the household income of families living in poverty in a sustainable way.

You can support families in breaking this cycle — transforming lives for generations.

Help provide communities with the resources and education to become self-supporting,  empowering them to find local long-term solutions to poverty.

Secure livelihoods mean a secure future for people and their families.

Samser Achhimi lives in the Sindupalchok District of Nepal with his wife, son and daughter.  He thought he was going to need to go abroad to be able to provide for his family as he was struggling to get any labouring work since the earthquake.  When Samser heard he had been nominated for the IN livelihood programme he felt like the luckiest person in his village.  He was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide for his family whilst staying in his own village. 

Once Samser had undergone the necessary training he was given a poly tunnel and some vegetables seed to get him started.  Since starting Samser has now joined forces with one of his neighbours and leased some additional land on which he has 6 poly tunnels and is keen to grow seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables and have seed varieties to enhance vegetable cultivation.

Not only does this allow him and his family to have delicious vegetables to eat, he is able to make an income selling the surplus.

“I am very thankful to International Needs for their support and hope they have given me and my family.” Samser Achimi

Could you help a family like the Achhimi’s have the tools to put food on their own tables?

International Needs Livelihood programs offer a pathway for families to self-sustainability!

Livelihood programs = income generation, community development, climate resilience and capacity building by

  • Improved nutrition of families and communities
  • Local knowledge of vegetable farming increased
  • Increase in crop production
  • Surplus crops sold at local markets

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