INNZ aims to connect the local church in New Zealand with Christian partners overseas to engage in effective evangelism, discipleship, and community development within their own nation and amongst their own people.   INNZ is a member of International Needs Incorporated, a worldwide partnership of Christian organizations fulfilling the commission of Jesus Christ, supporting each other to see transformed lives, families, and communities. 

Our vision to transform lives and change communities, with the inspiration and love that comes from Jesus Christ.   International Needs is a Christian mission organization, committed to restoring the lives of those in the poorest countries of the world.  Based on its Christ centered values and over 45 years of professional expertise, International Needs New Zealand is supporting communities across the world to share the love of Jesus and the hope found in His message of salvation and freedom.

International Needs New Zealand works closely with International Needs Humanitarian Aid Trust, which helps to provide aid and support in areas of community development and projects.

Today, our partners around the world have reached more people groups than ever before with the message of love, hope and salvation. New Zealanders are supporting more than 150 national church and community workers across 28 countries.  They continue to inspire and challenge the status quo in their own communities as they see lives transformed and communities changed.  
Gospel Outreach is the cornerstone and foundation of why International Needs was established over 45 years ago.  Everything we do, is because we believe that knowing Jesus creates long lasting change in transforming someone’s life.  The national workers that you support are engaged in activities such as Gospel Outreach programs, including church planting, Bible distribution, Seminary-in-a-Suitcase outreach programs, children and youth ministries, refugee camp ministry, and disaster relief when needed.  International Needs devotes a significant amount of our evangelistic efforts in the most unreached and closed places to the gospel around the world.

These National workers need supporting as they often have no other income to support their families.  They also need support with transportation to reach remote villages, and resources to be able to share with these people.

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Help provide them with the means to spread Christs message to the lost and those who have not heard of the life changing love that Jesus offers.

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Total Raised:$173,000

Goal: $500,000

Read the story of Sammy Marua

Sammy is the director for Kidron ministries in Bougainville.  


Sammy Maurua is a man on whom God has put his hand for leadership in his nation. During the years of the crisis (please see separate article “Bougainville: Island of Scars”) Sammy initiated talks with rebel leader Francis Ona. Although these talks were unsuccessful in the first instance, they lead directly to the peace agreements which were in part brokered by the New Zealand Government. Sammy attended the first meeting at Burnham, New Zealand and was his district representative in the Peace Process Consultative Committee.  Although he was nominated to become a member of the new Bougainville Constituent Assembly, he declined a focus on building the ministry. In 2005 and 2006 he served on the Constitutional Committee which drafted the country’s new constitution.

Ministry Overview

Kidron Ministries is the umbrella for a diverse range of ministries and support mechanisms operating out of a small village hamlet in Siwai province known as Kindoh.  This hamlet is home to Sammy Maurua’s extended family.

Kindoh is the site of the administrative office from which all the business of the ministries is co-ordinated. There are plans in progress to regionalise administration into the three main areas of the country – northern, central and southern.  This office has limited ability at the moment to carry out its functions well and still enable growth. There is no electricity and no telecommunication facility.  Communicating with the diverse ministries and with the outside world is difficult, slow and prone to disruption.

The primary aspects of the ministry are four-fold: church planting, a Bible School (Institute of Ministry), community development and support services.  Currently they are all administered from the same office with rudimentary accounting practices, but with very diligent and full reporting and accountability.

Kidron are operating under a five-year strategic plan which is currently being revised and soon to be presented to IN Network New Zealand.

Church Planting

This is the core ministry, to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ in the nation.  To this end, Sammy heads this aspect of the ministry by appointing, training and releasing men and women to go to different towns and villages to start church fellowships.  Currently there are five major churches with scores of smaller house fellowships which are the core building blocks of the churches. Each main church is headed by a church planter who has the mandate to extent the churches throughout his region

The three initial church planters are all supported from a church in Tauranga, as is Sammy as Director.  The other church planters, and all future church planters, will receive their support through Kidron’s support programmes.

Kidron Institute of Ministry (Bible School)

This part of the ministry is headed by Sammy’s sister, Eunice, who was until recently Dean of Women at Christian Leaders Training College in Papua New Guinea, probably the country’s leading Christian tertiary institution. Eunice is an ordained minister in the Uniting Church of Papuan New Guinea and a woman of great vision and vitality.

In the 2007 year, there are forty students enrolled in the Bible school, coming from Bougainville and the Solomon Islands.  Students enrol for a two or three year programme of study which has practicums as part of the curriculum. Some students who are less academically inclined can engage in vocational training such as sewing and carpentry as well as a less academically rigorous programme.

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