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For far too many people living across the globe access to basic healthcare remains an unattainable luxury.

For far too many people living across the globe, access to basic healthcare remains an unattainable luxury.

This is especially true for those living in developing countries where access to healthcare is either financially unviable or physically out of reach. Individuals and families are left exposed to untreated or poorly managed conditions. Among the most vulnerable are expectant mothers and their children, who frequently endure suffering or life-threatening situations due to inadequate care.

In Burkina Faso, where nearly half of the population lives in extreme poverty, malaria prevention and treatment is another critical area of focus. The International Needs medical centre in Bobo-Dioulasso offers free rapid malaria tests and mosquito nets to those in need. In just six months, 3,729 people were successfully treated for malaria.

Thanks to the efforts of our IN medical centres, many vulnerable and marginalised members of society now have access to the healthcare services they need to thrive.

To help them continue their valuable work, we aim to provide $53,000 of financial support each year.

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