Brinsley lives with his parents and his brother and sister. Brinsley’s father is a juakali artisan but his income is not stable. His mother is a primary school teacher but her income is also minimal.
The family home is made of bricks and roofed with iron sheets. They have access to electricity but they fetch water from the river.
Brinsley enjoys playing with toys, playing football and playing hide and seek. He helps at home with collecting firewood around the compound.
Brinsley is in Grade Two and his home is three kilometres from the school. He either walks or travels by motorcycle. His favourite subjects are mathematics and creative activities.
Would you please consider supporting and investing into Brinsley’s life. Give him the chance to continue attending school, have access to healthcare and provide support to his family unit.

  • Kenya Country

  • 7 Years Old Current Age

  • Jun 2015 Birthday

Gender: Male


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