Pastor Lito San Jose

Pastor Lito was married to Osie, but sadly Osie passed away in 2016. He has 2 children. They live in Saint Mary’s Subdivision Nangka, Marikina City. They are living in rented accomodation.
Lito is a Community worker for IN and he takes charge of the spiritual aspects of the INCAP beneficiaries and their family as well. He runs bible studies for the parents and the children, where some are now members of the church.
The challenges they are facing right now are that some of the parents are not going to the bible studies because the new church is a long way for them to go and some have work to go to.
God is good because now Lito goes to their houses instead and holds the bible studies in their houses. They are still praying that they can reach more people in the community not just the INCAP families.

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Gender: Male


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