One Year On

The war has raged on for over a year now, with no end in sight. Our IN partners in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia continue to assist Ukrainian refugees now faced with piecing together their fractured lives in a foreign country.

For our IN partners it has been difficult to offer hope when the emotional wounds inflicted by war run so deeply. In addition to providing pastoral care, IN Romania has set up small groups where refugees can share their burdens and receive bespoke counselling. One 3-and-a-half year old receiving care spoke well before the war but suffered such trauma through the explosions that he's now nearly mute as a result. Recognising there are no quick fixes, options for extending professional counselling support is a focus in the coming months.

IN Bulgaria is working to meet essential needs for refugees, both in their direct care, and those living independently throughout the wider community. Opportunities for schooling, as well as initiatives to help restore dignity and connection with both fellow Ukrainians and the local community, have been the focus in recent months.

Meanwhile, for those required to remain in the Ukraine, IN Slovakia continues to provide at least one humanitarian aid convoy every two months. These are loaded with nutritious food and other essential items.

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